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Jose J. Ruiz

Alder Koten

+1 713-476-9000

There are many recruiting firms focused on the different disciplines of sales. There are also many recruiters. The bulk of this recruiter universe can be classified and organized based on the typical categories of retained executive search firms vs. contingency recruiting firms and staffing agencies on the low end of the position spectrum.

The craft of recruiting can be split into sourcing and identifying candidates and analyzing and selecting. This is where top recruiters and recruiting firms begin to stand out.

One recruiter that has been doing extensive work in developing tools to select and analyze candidates is Jose Ruiz with Alder Koten. He developed a five dimension profile to assess candidates involved in sales.

The Alder Koten model uses six dimensions: Type, style, intensity, community, role, and drive to identify, evaluate, and select sales talent.

The Six Dimensions of the Alder Koten Sales Profile

Type | Hunter vs farmer

The Type dimension evaluates if the person is a hunter vs. farmer profile. In general terms, the interests and the personality of hunters focus on finding new leads and new customers while farmers focus on nurturing current relationships.

Style | Empirical vs. Methodical

The Style dimension evaluates the person’s empirical vs. methodical approach to sales. The empirical side of the style dimension reflects actions and decisions based on instinct and learning acquired by experience, observation, and experimentation. The methodical side of the style dimension reflects actions and decisions based on a planned, systemic, and disciplined approach.

Intensity | Sprinter or a Marathoner

The Intensity dimension evaluates if the person is a sprinter or a marathoner when it comes to the sales process. The sprinter side of the intensity dimension reflects a focus on imperfect pragmatism and being effective in the short-term. The marathoner side of the intensity dimension demonstrates a focus on a thorough approach and effectiveness in the long-term.

Community | Individual vs. Group

The Community dimension evaluates how the person’s individual needs balance against the needs of the group. The individual side of the community dimension reflects a belief in personal freedom and achievement is essential to achieve team results. The group side of the community dimension demonstrates a belief that the group provides a more significant, stable, and dependable structure to achieve team results.

Drive | Closer vs. Promoter

The Drive dimension evaluates the person’s closer vs. promoter approach to deals. The closer side of the drive dimension reflects the unique ability to see things to the end. Closers place the deal before the long-term customer relationship. The promoter side of the drive dimension demonstrates the ability to build relationships. Promoters place long-term customer relationships before the deal.

To learn more about Jose Ruiz and the Alder Koten Sales Model visit Hire to Sell

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