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Rick DeRose

Rick DeRose


Product Description

Rick DeRose


Rick offers proven expertise in telecommunications, technology, private equity, and professional services. Co-founder + managing partner.

Inspired by one of the laws of organic chemistry, we see Rick as a catalyst that effects a transformation on his surroundings. Without fanfare and in his easy way, he consistently pushes beyond convention to find innovative solutions. Sparks fly when this has a contagious impact on others. And thankfully, Rick surrounds himself with ambitious people who are a source of his constant inspiration. In co-founding Acertitude, Rick continues, with quiet confidence, to provide, nurture, and mine resources of the market.

Rick’s journey to founding Acertitude was fueled by his passion for helping people achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams. An entrepreneur at heart, Rick is driven to chart a new course, challenging the traditional business models that were failing to address the increasing risks clients’ face with outside hiring and executive performance.

As co-founder + managing partner, Rick leads our team’s delivery of a superior experience for global business leaders in their search for executive talent and sustainable talent solutions. He brings a track record of helping companies align future business goals to their talent strategy to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of every client.