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Kevin O’Neill

Kevin O’Neill


Product Description

Kevin O’Neill


Kevin brings over 25 years’ consulting experience serving C-level executives in consumer, life sciences, industrial, and private equity practices.

Naturally at the center, Kevin is driven to make change happen through people. His knack for making the most of his encounters stems from an endless curiosity and zest for life; traits he’s been known for since childhood. It is a rare day that Kevin isn’t instinctively gathering more people into his circle and mapping out new ways that they might benefit from knowing each other. His intuition for relationships makes him our ultimate change agent – and to borrow a line from his favorite Tennyson poem, a part of everything he has met.

For Kevin, the genesis to launch Acertitude was fueled by an innate desire to improve the status quo, and his intention to leave the world a better place than how he found it.

Kevin’s achievements leading a team of executive search consultants have evolved from a fairly simple set of ideas: “My success is not guarded by my fear of failure” he says, “but rather from my close awareness of my weaknesses.” He takes this same approach to understand his clients’ business goals and talent needs, keenly analyzing the whole picture before isolating the tipping point that will lead to success.