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Category: Working with recruiters

Does Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd?

By Mauricio Ruiz | Download PDF Job hunting is challenging these days. Employers get flooded with applications for every opening

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Take a New Career for a Test Drive First

By Mauricio Ruiz |Download in PDF Changing careers can be challenging as you try to deal with potential pay cuts,

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What should you expect from a recruiter?

Working with the wrong recruiter can potentially damage your reputation or hurt your current job if your information is not

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10 Things to Consider in a Job Offer

You have just received a call notifying that you have been selected for the position. In other words, you have

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How to best approach executive recruiters as a candidate

By Jose Ruiz | There is little doubt in my mind that one of the most frustrating moments in life is when

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ExecuNet Q&A: Does social media help attract recruiters?

Does social media help attract recruiters? it starts with having an online profile that will provide visibility for executive recruiters

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