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Interview Questions: Strengths and Weaknesses

Interview Questions: Strengths and Weaknesses

How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Strengths and Weaknesses.

Mauricio Ruiz By Mauricio Ruiz | Download PDF

When you’re interviewing for a job, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be asked about your strengths and weaknesses. Stay focus by reading these tips.

Interview Questions: Strengths and Weaknesses. Look at it as an opportunity to demonstrate why you’re a top candidate for the job. Express your personality and describe what you can contribute to your potential new employer.

Are you ready to talk about your personal strengths and weaknesses?

Use these tips to develop a concise and compelling case that will convince the hiring manager that you’re a great match.

Discussing Your Weaknesses During a Job Interview:

  1. Be prepared. You’ll make a more positive impression if you rehearse your response rather than trying to invent something on the spot. Write out some talking points and keywords that you want to use.

  2. Stay relevant. Pick weaknesses that are clearly related to a work setting and the position you’re seeking. Review the job description. Customize your answers as much as possible.

  3. Focus on growth. While you’re discussing possible flaws, you can still end on a high note. Let the interviewer know what you’ve learned from past experience, and what you’re doing to strengthen your capabilities and performance.

  4. Avoid deal breakers. Avoid meaningless clichés, like saying you’re a perfectionist, and think twice about saying anything that would remove you from consideration. For example, struggling to meet deadlines is difficult to overlook if you want to be a tax accountant.

  5. Tell a story. Use anecdotes to illustrate your strengths and weaknesses. Follow the usual guidelines for effective stories, including sticking to the point and

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