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My work is my means for living

My work is my means for living

My work is my means for living, and I compliment it by living life to its fullest.

I am grateful for the blessing of being able to work. Work is the resource from which I can provide for my family.

I can afford healthy food to eat and clothes to wear because of the money I make at work. My family has access to the care they need through the insurance I have with my work. 

I can travel and take part in unforgettable vacations with my family. The financial wealth I gain from my job helps me build a wealth of lasting memories with my family.

Although I like my job, I do not live to work. Work is simply my means for living, not my life itself. My life consists of a balance between work, relationships, and self. The money I make is used to finance the other areas of my life. 

While I am mindful to save for it, I do not live for the future. I do not over work myself in the name of saving for later. Life is not going to pass me by. I can look back over my life with no regrets.

Today is the only day I have. I live every day to the fullest because tomorrow is unknown.

My work would be done in vain if I do not take pleasure in the fruit of my labor. I enjoy my life and I also share it with others. Sharing my prosperity makes me feel even richer.

Life must be lived and shared. I complement my work by sharing and living my life to its fullest capacity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I value my life over my work?
  2. Am I actively enjoying the fruits of my labor?
  3. How can I share my wealth?
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