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Increase Your Job Satisfaction Shake Things Up a Bit

Increase Your Job Satisfaction Shake Things Up a Bit

Increase Your Job Satisfaction by Shaking Things Up a Bit. Variety is one of the most important factors that contribute to job satisfaction.

Have a better time at the office and get more done by learning how to diversify your workday. These are steps you can take before you accept a new position or while you’re on the job.

Steps to Take Before Accepting a New Job

1.Think more broadly. Sometimes we get so focused on salaries and job security that we may pay less attention to other important factors. Studies show that skill variety and task identity are powerful predictors of job satisfaction. Consider how the position will let you use multiple skills and involve you in the whole work process from start to finish.

2.Research the position and industry. Check out job directories and talk with people in the field. Get to know what typical job responsibilities are involved and where there are opportunities for growth.

3.Consult your predecessor. They may be able to give you an inside track on how much flexibility exists for adjusting the scope of your work.

4.Analyze the job description. Look at the responsibilities and skills the employer is seeking in a candidate. The language they use will help to suggest the opportunities you may find there.

5.Ask about your potential supervisors’ work style. Try to get a sense of whether your supervisor is eager to delegate assignments on the kinds of projects that interest you. Look for signs that they appreciate employees who take initiative.

Steps To Take In Your Current Job Position

  1. Encourage your supervisor’s support. Your supervisor can be an important ally if they recognize how increased variety improves the bottom line. Talk about how high-performance work systems tend to promote higher quality work and lower turnover.

  2. Take on new assignments. Be enthusiastic and creative about tackling new projects. For example, if you work in customer service, propose an email campaign to promote special offers or solicit more feedback.
  3. Work on inter-departmental teams. Seek out activities that will help you understand the big picture and get to know people in other departments. Reach out to other departments when your plans may affect their schedule or workload.
  4. Volunteer for committees. Participate in organizing the company picnic or planning the tenth-anniversary celebrations. You may gain valuable knowledge and contacts.
  5. Showcase your skills outside the office. Think beyond your cubicle. Teach a course at a local community college related to your job or submit an article to an industry publication.
  6. Vary your schedule. One simple way to mix things up is to pick a different time of day for doing stuff. Write your reports in the morning instead of waiting until after lunch.
  7. Redecorate your space. Another easy method is giving your work station a new look. Set out a vase of flowers or paint your office walls a new color.
  8. Use your leisure time for meaningful activities. Enriching your leisure time can provide stimulation that carries over into your workday. Volunteer for a worthy cause or read classic literature.
  9. Stay updated. Knowing what’s going on in your office and in your field will help you to see things from a new angle. Check out what your competitors and colleagues are up to.

Increase Your Job Satisfaction by Shaking Things Up a BShaking up your work routine is likely to make you feel better and enjoy more success in your career. Your employer may be supportive if they understand the benefits. In any case, you can make positive changes that will help you grow your skills and accomplish more.

By Mauricio Ruiz | Dowload PDF

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